Eye Therapy with RightEye


There is much more to clear vision than how well you can see an eye chart.

For more than 30 years, scientific research has proven the validity of eye tracking to uncover paths to better vision health, posture, brain health, and sports performance. 

Vast amounts of health and vision research created a cumulative understanding of how our eyes are connected to the brain, how injuries and illness change how our eyes function, and how eye tracking training can aid in recovery and improve vision performance. 

Until now, there existed no means for bringing eye tracking out of academia and into the mainstream. 

We primarily rely on vision when our eyes, bodies, or objects are in motion, yet only about 5% of vision problems are identified with an eye chart! In other words, is “20/20” all that’s needed to see well? The answer: NO. It is important to see clearly (visual acuity). It is also important to move the eyes quickly and without fatigue (visual strength). Once those visual foundations are achieved, what is most important is that you know where to look when.

Without vision, our balance, basic hand-eye coordination related tasks, reading comprehension, ability to drive, or catch a ball—it’s all compromised. RightEye is an opportunity for you to transform how you live your life. And all it takes is minutes. 

Involuntary eye movements — typically not apparent to the naked eye — indicate visual performance and health concerns. By measuring and analyzing these otherwise imperceptible patterns, we can identify and offer treatment to correct a host of vision and health issues.

Three Tests: Brain Health, Reading, & Sports Vision EyeQ

Brain Health EyeQ™ uncovers functional vision issues and automatically recommends computer based exercises for you.  


Reading EyeQ™ tests enable you to easily uncover vision problems. RightEye precisely records how you or your child is reading and delivers the information in a clear, easy-to-read format. 


Sports Vision EyeQ:  When it comes to visual-search patterns (knowing where to look at the right time) the “best” in their domain, whether it be athletes, Military Service Members or surgeons, do it differently than the "rest” of us. Top athletes have visual cues and routines coupled with their physical routines that enable them to perform optimally, every time, and even under stressful conditions.  Even if you're not a professional athlete, improve your balance & coordination with Sports Vision EyeQ so you're the best at yoga, pickleball, golf, or whatever activity you enjoy!